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Why Choose Country Properties Group

Why Buyers choose us

There are great reasons why BUYERS choose us to find & buy their country properties and Texas real estate

Consider these:

We have three offices and approximately thirty agents to serve you. That broad and deep coverage means we are more likely to find you what you are looking for. Often rural buyers purchase in different areas than they first considered. By knowing a vast array of properties, located over a broad geographic area we will offer you more choices to select from.

We are very active in the South Central Board of Realtor and know the other agents and brokers in the area. This means we can quickly move into a smooth, working relationship with cooperating real estate firms if they have a listed property that fits your needs. And it means we can help sort through not only our own listed properties, but also all of those listed with the Board of Realtors.

We provide highly trained property consultants, that will take the time to understand precisely what you are looking for, and why those features are important to you. You are probably not just looking for a country property, but also a lifestyle experience that will fulfill your life dreams. We can help you achieve that dream by understanding you better than most. In addition, our Agents are highly educated and experienced and it takes a knowledgeable agent to be able to understand the nuances and complexities of helping you purchase the country property you have always dreamed of.

We are Internet savvy and can search broad and deep to fulfill your needs. We regularly navigate country property websites, and others, that might be a resource for you.

For all of these reasons, Country Properties Group provides you with a potent Resourcing Edge, greatly enhancing our ability to find your country property faster, and at your desired price.

Why Sellers Choose us

There are great reasons why SELLERS choose us to market & sell their country properties, recreational property and Texas real estate

We analyze and market the lifestyle advantages of your property because we know that prospects are not only motivated by the features of a property but the lifestyle it may offer. Buyers are searching for a special experience to enjoy. We are experienced in translating your property’s advantages into the experience a prospect wants to acquire.

We utilize highly visible signage to promote your property. Our property signs are larger than most. Plus they are dramatic in their easy to see and read design of red, white and blue. HTCP listed properties get noticed by prospects driving the area, as a result, our listings are shown more.

We develop professionally produced marketing materials. We produce four-color brochures of your property. These are distributed in a variety of ways: mailings to prospects and other Realtors, via ‘Take One’ dispensers, and more. Prospects receive an attractive, fact-filled marketing piece that helps your property’s message stand out and be more memorable.

We advertise broadly to promote our listed properties. Our company consistently advertises in the following publications. Fayette County Record, Colorado Citizen, Bellville Times, Brenham Banner Press, Round Top Register, Weimar Mercury, Washington County Real Estate Guide, Farm and Ranch Magazine, Sealy Times, Gonzales Times, and The Real Estate Locator

Additionally, unlike other Realtors in the market, we have deep area coverage in billboards. The Country Properties Group ‘brand’ is well known so prospects are more likely to rely on our expertise.

We have a state-of-the-art website, professionally designed and easy to navigate. We collect thousands of prospects via our website and our informative blog because we have invested in Search Engine Optimization so that we rank higher in the search engines than any other farm and ranch broker in the counties that we serve. We will feature your property on our home page, use email marketing, social media and print marketing to get the word out about your property for sale. We also utilize the following sites to expand marketing opportunities for specific properties that may include yours:

For all of these reasons, Country Properties Group provides you with a potent Marketing Edge, greatly enhancing our ability to sell your farm, ranch or recreational country real estate property faster, and at your desired price point. It’s a unique approach Come home to your heritage… ®