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Mary Wenske

As you know, the decision to sell a parent’s home after they are gone is an emotional one. Even though Daddy had so little time at his new home, he loved it. My step-mother had many more years there and it became special to us. It is my dream home. When Jane was no longer able to stay in the home, we were faced with the decision we didn’t want to have to make.

Cathy, that is when we came to you. I have known you for many years and consider you a friend. But your compassion and expertise went above and beyond. You handled our emotional attachment with kid gloves and answered all questions with superior expertise. You treated each showing as if it were your own home and kept us informed. Either you or someone in your office always notified us of a showing even though no one was living in the home. You guided us through every step and made it an almost effortless journey. Most of all, we knew you had our best interest at heart.
I feel that the couple who bought the house are meant to be there and you worked hard to see that there were no obstacles. From the bottom of my heart and from the rest of my family, thank you. Thank you for your time, your effort and most of all, your knowledge of how and when.