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Fayetteville TX Real Estate

The community of Fayetteville in Fayette County is conveniently found between Houston and Austin. Just five miles north of Highway 71, this historic town is true to its official slogan of being a “Great Weekend Get-Away.” Here, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, abundant historical attractions and a vibrant local arts scene.

This scenic town features gorgeous views of lush landscapes, from endless green fields to meadows carpeted with gorgeous bluebonnets. In town you’ll find beautifully preserved historical buildings and saloons that seem to have been frozen in time. Fayetteville has retained its small-town country charm and continues to endear itself to visitors with its relaxed and laidback atmosphere and rich history.

Fayetteville TX Homes for Sale

Here you’ll find single-family homes that are typically situated in large lots, many of which are well-preserved historic farmhouses. Farms and ranches abound and large acreage is available as well, many boasting features such as ponds, creeks and wooded areas.

Events and Attractions

  • The town has over 345 structures and buildings registered under the National Registry of Historic Places. Fayetteville’s historic structures were predominantly built towards the end of the 19th century, which include the Fayetteville Water Tower, the Red and White Store and the white wooden precinct courthouse and the Chiming clock- an interesting town feature, considering how small of a municipality Fayetteville is.
  • Fayetteville is far from being a sleepy old town. It has plenty of community events and activities as well as family-friendly attractions that make it such an interesting place to live. From exciting annual events hosted by the Fayetteville Chamber Music Festival to monthly events hosted by the Round Top Festival Institute, there are a lot of things to see and do when in this town.

Quick Facts

  • The public schools in Fayetteville, managed by the Fayetteville Independent School District, are some of the best in the country. In fact, the schools here have received the highest possible ranking in the accountability ratings system of the Texas Education Agency.
  • The town had 262 permanent residents in 2013 according to the United States Census Bureau.
  • Fayetteville has a total land area of 0.4 square miles.
  • The town was incorporated in 1882.