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Career Opportunities

Career opportunities

Two fundamental philosophies exist in real estate today. The Agent-Centric Company and the Broker-Centric Company. They are vastly different with opposing points of view and they cater to two distinct types of people. Country Properties Group is an Agent-Centric company.

Agent-Centric companies seem to attract the more entrepreneurial agents whom are serious about their business and committed to its success. Agents that enjoy working with more freedom to make decisions regarding their business.

Agent-Centric companies believe their success comes from their agents, so they structure their fees so the agents can keep more of the commission they earn. The company encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in its people and empowers them to excel. When a person’s very success is dependent upon their ability to make business decisions best for their business, they must have the freedom to do so.

Agent-Centric companies understand the competitive pressures that face today’s agents so we provide you with all of the tools and support needed to be a success.We understand that technology has leveled the playing field so all companies can offer the same tools and programs to their agents and clients. Because of technology brokerages can operate more efficiently than ever before and should be passing these savings on to their agents, not raising the fees.

Agent-Centric companies operate much leaner and on tighter margins, because when a company truly believes the agents drive the company, they do not need to pay the high costs of supporting, maintaining and promoting the corporation so their overhead is much lower.

The Broker-Centric company’s very structure does not support or encourage this entrepreneurialism or autonomy. They believe their success comes from the company brand and the agents enjoy success because of that brand so they believe they can charge higher fees to their agents.

In short, Broker-Centric companies believe that the Company is the machine that drives the real estate industry. The Agent-Centric company believes the Agent drives it. Which you believe determines where you should be.

Come home to your heritage…

Are you a new or experienced real estate agent looking for a brokerage to call home? Country Properties Group may be just what you are looking for with one of the south central areas real estate leaders, Cathy Cole, at the helm.

Support & Experience

Supported by an excellent management team, Cathy believes that the key to running a successful country property real estate business can be summed up in two words – “customer” and “service”. In fact, we’ve molded our entire business philosophy around ensuring customer satisfaction. Each client who walks through our doors want and deserve to be given personalized, professional service, and knowledgeable agents who will save them time and give them the best value for their money. If you share this same philosophy then one of our four offices located in Brenham, Round Top, Bellville or La Grange just might be the place for you to begin or expand a rewarding career in selling residential, farms and ranches, country homes, development, investment property and equestrian estates.


We excel at providing this service and value because of the stellar people we employ. Our mission statement acknowledges this – that our strength lies with our people – and confirms that it is through the efforts of our management, our agents and our support staff that our company continues to prosper.

With this in mind, we strive to hire sales associates who share our vision, then nurture them by providing the best tools and training as well as support available to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Feedback & Teamwork

Learning and improving is a two way street. Open lines of communication between management and our agents are essential to our success. We encourage agent feedback and input to help us better understand changes in the marketplace, hear various issues experienced by agents and clients alike, offer opportunities to affect change, participate in our strategic planning process, and continually search for ways to improve our company. Teamwork isn’t just a concept at Country Properties Group; it’s standard everyday practice.

Administrative Support

Our management’s expertise combined with phenomenal operational support, a state-of-the-art internet web site, exceptional marketing and social media support and a staff of tech savvy professionals ensures that we can provide our agents and our clients with everything they need to realize success. Although you will be an independent contractor you will never feel alone, there is always someone on staff to help and support you.

Come home to your heritage…

and join our team

To become a part of the Heritage Texas Country Property Team call for an appointment at (979) 836-3633