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Heritage Texas Country Properties Website

How did we find anything before the invention of the internet and search engines? The yellow pages, 411, word of mouth. It all took so much much time to find what we were looking for and now in a matter of seconds we can find it all. Before bec...

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Rural Land Ownership in Texas

Responding to a presumptuous visitor who asked what the famous King Ranch land was worth, Robert Kleberg emphatically exclaimed, “It’s not worth anything until you do something with it” That pithy reaction reveals the savvy understanding ...

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Why not move to Round Top Texas

I moved to Round Top Texas in Fayette County after living in large cities my entire life. After living in Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles for over 20 years, I longed for the warmth and friendliness of my southern roots in addition to finding T...

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How to choose Ranch Land in Texas

Today the land of Texas is becoming one of the faster growing areas when it comes to real estate, and it is known for the beautiful lakes and rivers, rolling hills, diverse wildlife, and southern way of living. There is a lot of acreage for sal...

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