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Heritage Texas Country Properties Website

How did we find anything before the invention of the internet and search engines? The yellow pages, 411, word of mouth. It all took so much much time to find what we were looking for and now in a matter of seconds we can find it all. Before becoming a Realtor® selling Farm and Ranch Properties in Fayette County and the surrounding areas I was involved in web design and social media. When I joined Heritage Texas Country Properties in Brenham Texas I was lucky enough to be able to become part of a terrific team that wanted to build a state of the art website. After months of research we put together a website that supports our professional agents, is easy to use and offers features that make our customers and clients want to visit us. They can look at ranches for sale in Round Top Texas or Equestrian Estates in Chappell Hill or how about a 1920’s style farm house in Bellville for sale or a recreational tract in Shiner Texas. They can search for an Historic Home in Columbus Texas or an older home in the lovely town of La Grange. They can save properties or sign up for new listings that meet their criteria, read about our award winning agents and find out about our communities and counties that we serve. Our team does a great job with Social Media keeping everyone up to date on events in the areas we serve and helpful tips for buying and selling land. Everyday another agent or client is sharing and supporting our efforts so that we can spread the word about our great company and our new listings.

Making sure we get it right depends on keeping up with technology, but more importantly, it is about personal service and having the most professional and knowledgeable Realtors® . Our website is a great tool that supports our Realtors® and our valuable clients and customers. If you have property in Colorado County or Austin County to sell or if you have a small acreage ranch or farm in Fayetteville, New Ulm or Round Top that you are thinking about listing then look at our website and then take a look at the statistics in this article.

Search Engines and Real Estate Buyers

Most people who work with a Realtor® based on what they find online have searched with a local term, such as “Round Top real estate” or “Brenham homes for sale.” Here’s the breakdown:

  • 69 percent of home shoppers begin research with a local term (such as “Brenham homes for sale”)
  • 52 percent of home shoppers’ actions on a real estate site come directly from local searches
  • 89 percent of home shoppers use a mobile search engine (such as from a tablet or a smartphone) to find a Realtor and a home
  • 89 percent of home shoppers used the Internet to find a Realtor

Here’s how those home shoppers are using the Internet on their mobile devices:

  • 51 percent are reading general home information
  • 48 percent are getting directions to a listed home
  • 44 percent are comparing prices between similar homes
  • 35 percent are comparing features between similar homes
  • 35 percent are searching a company’s inventory of listings
  • 21 percent are reading online reviews about a Realtor or about a realty company
  • 18 percent are contacting agents or real estate companies through online contact forms

Can We Keep Up?

With numbers like these, you almost need people to come to your website. You’ll be missing a goldmine if you don’t have that search traffic coming in.

In order to do that, you have to give buyers what they’re looking for… and that’s information.

Community information, tutorials and online guides are among the best ways to connect with Internet readers. Yes we have this !

Here’s what readers are looking for:

  • In-depth guides to neighborhoods, communities and subdivisions
  • Current community information
  • Simple, easy-to-understand guides that explain the home-buying process
  • Listings, listings, and more listings

Well after reading the statistics and checklist and hearing all of the accolades about our terrific new website, I know that we are on the right track and we are here to help you buy or sell farm and ranch property in South Central Texas.