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2600 Tietjen Rd- Own a piece of History in Fayette County

Slider-Entrance-600x240 When I first went to 2600 Tietjen Rd in LA Grange and met the Tietjen brothers (twins) last year, they called me to come take a look at their family dairy. They had so much pride in the fact that this farm had been in their family for over 100 years.

Oak-Forest-600x400In fact there is a designation on the front gate that sent me to the Fayette County Library to do some research. I had no idea what that meant and I wanted to learn more. I found out all about it in the Texas Land Heritage Progoak-forestram and felt very lucky to be able to offer this property for sale. It also made me understand why it was so difficult for the Tietjens to make the decision to sell, but the brothers no longer live and work in La Grange Texas in Fayette County so it made perfect sense.

Since 1974, The Texas Department of Agriculture has been looking for farms and ranches that were established in 1902 or earlier and are still agriculturally productive and owned by the same family. Other eligibility criteria includes:centuryfarm1-600x400

Owner must reside in Texas and be able to trace the line of ownership form the first family member to the present, either through direct relatives or by marriage.

Once a farm or ranch has been certified in the program, it will not qualify for another 100 year certificate even though the land may have changed hands. Farms or ranches will only be recognized again for 150 and 200 year milestones.

A ceremony is held each year to recognize the owners of the farms and ranches that are accepted into the Family Land Heritage Program. Those who qualify receive a certificate of honor in the name of the farm or ranch. They also can obtain a Texas Century Farm or Ranch sign to proudly display on their property, and the family’s agricultural history is documented in the annual Family Land Heritage Registry.

originalnow-600x318In March of 1872, at the age of 43 years, J.F. August Schulz and his family arrived in Galveston having immigrated from Prussia. He and his wife Dorthea and their five children traveled to the Biegel Settlement in Fayette County, Texas in a wagon drawn by oxen.

Pond1-600x400Here in the year 1875 he purchased 50 acres and 87 acres of land and in the following years, he purchased additional land, farming the same and never dreaming that over a hundred years and six generations later his great, great, great grandson, Clay Michael Tietjen, would be playing under the same oak trees where he chose to make a home. This was taken from a history book in the Fayette County library and it is filled with images and history of this entire area that is so rich with stories of hard working people. The Original House is still standing and waiting to be restored.

view1-600x400The 108.6 acres that remains of the original land has so much to offer. From pastures to rolling hills with a beautiful view as well as a pond in the far back corner of the property. It is located near the Fayette County Power plant and borders hundreds of acres LCRA land that is just covered with wildlife. Whitetail-600x358I have not had a visit to the property yet without seeing white tail deer on the land. If you love to hunt or you are ready to take on an amazing project to restore a Vintage Farm House, Dairy and and Barn or if you are ready to create your own family history then please give Ellen Hart a call to schedule an appointment to see this property. 713-876-8666