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16 N Holland Bellville, Texas 77418 | 979.865.4443



Bellville is the county seat of Austin County. The district surveyor, Mr. D. Charles Amthor platted the town in 1846 to center around the Courthouse and town square. Churches, a log cabin, and a wooden courthouse were the first public structures in Bellville. Most of the residents were farmers, and the town grew slowly until the coming of the Santa Fe Railroad in 1880. This brought a rapid increase in population and business development. With the coming of the railroad, the population of Bellville rose from 300 people to 1,000 residents within three years. The railroad created a market outlet for cotton and other agricultural products, as well as providing transportation to Houston, Galveston, and other faraway places. Many large homes were built during this period, and commerce and government had its impact on the city. The Courthouse Square remains as it was laid out in 1846 and many of the historic buildings have now been transformed into a collection of unusual and unique shops and businesses.